Arab Subsistence Monograph Series Volume 1

 『Exploitation and Conservation of Middle East Tree Resources in the Oil Era』

  Hiroshi Nawata, Shun Ishiyama, and Ryo Nakamura


  Shoukadoh Book Sellers, Kyoto, 248 pp.

  (in Arabic, English, French and Swahili)

  January 2013


How have Middle East tree resources been exploited and conserved in the pre-oil

and oil eras?

This book presents several site- and context-specific case studies: a nature reserve

management system in juniper woodlands in Saudi Arabia; an evaluation of fuel

wood consumption with improved cooking stoves in Chad; and resource use in

mangrove forests along the Swahili coast in Tanzania.

This volume is printed in English, Arabic, French and Kiswahili so that we can share

information with the international scientific community as well as with local people.